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How To download Your Family Tree From FamilySearch?

In this blog, we will explain how you can Download Family Tree From FamilySearch by attaching your tree to your DNA test results. All you have to do is read along until you reach the end of this page to get accurate results.

So to begin with when you start building your family tree using the free genealogy website FamilySearch. Then you can help in contributing to a global, shared, public family tree. Although this tree-building model has its pluses and minuses it is free and collaborative, however, some users may contribute mistakes and also good information as well. Moreover, the website also does not have a way for you to download your family tree data directly.

Download Family Tree From FamilySearch:

But there is also some great news as well; firstly 23andMe users get to link their FamilySearch data directly.  Then secondly for other websites that require you to upload a tree, you can download your tree data from FamilySearch. Hence in the following, you will learn how to get it done in no time.

You would need to first review your ancestry as shown in the FamilySearch tree to make sure that it is accurate and also reflects biological ancestry. For example, my relative James Edgar Hall has more than just one set of parents listed in the FamilySearch tree. But his mother died when he was young and his father married my great-grandmother, who raised James. So on his profile page; I have set the preferred view to his biological mother where you can see the arrow pointing.

Download Family Tree From FamilySearch

I did this so that I could download a tree that is most relevant to my DNA matches.

Download Your FamilySearch Tree With RootsMagic

To be able to download your tree from FamilySearch you would need to use third-party software that is certified by FamilySearch to work with its tree such as Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family Tree, or RootsMagic. Below you will find the instructions on how you do this using RootsMagic Essentials. Which is the free downloadable version of RootsMagic software. However, if you are using the full version of RootsMagic software you can still follow these same instructions provided.

You would need to start by downloading RootsMagic Essentials. You will need to go to the RootsMagic website landing page for RootsMagic Essentials. Click on the ‘Free Download’ option and enter your name as well as email address in the given fields. Furthermore, if you want them to send you product news and updates then you can choose to click on the option. After that, you must select whether to download the PC or Mac version. And now you just have to install the software on your PC and then click on the downloaded file and then run it.

Follow The Given Step-By-Step Instructions;

  • Open RootsMagic Essentials.
  • From the welcome screen, you should select the option to create a new file.
  • Next, you must enter a file name to do so you would need to click on the option for FamilySearch Tree support. Now just choose additional options as you wish, as shown in the image below and now click on the OK button.
  • Click on the FamilySearch icon at the top of the window after opening the empty family tree.
  • When you do that a FamilySearch dialog box will open. You just need to click the option to log into FamilySearch. You must log in and select any other options that you like such as automatic future logins.
  • You need to click on ‘Import’. You will then be given an option for how many generations of your ancestry to import. You can even import the tree of a relative in FamilySearch if you know their ID.
  • However, it may take a while for FamilySearch to import all the data that you have requested. But once it is done the empty pedigree chart will fill on the screen.
  • Export the tree file that you have created. You have to go to ‘File > Export’. Then select the items that need to be included in your exported tree and then just click to export the file.
  • Then you need to assign a file path to your new file. You will see the file type is a . GED, pronounced commonly as “jedcom”.
  • You can remove non-biological lines in RootsMagic. Edit as needed before upload, and check tips for the best family tree for DNA matching.
  • Finally, you will need to upload your tree file to your DNA testing site to attach it to your genetic profile.

Create Family Tree By Working With Your DNA Matches!

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Need Further Assistance?

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