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What’s New In Rootsmagic 9

In this blogs you will learn New Features In Rootsmagic 9 .If you need any help you can call our rootsmagic support Number:-+1-888-257-3335

New Features in RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic is a popular genealogy software designed to help individuals research, organize, and preserve their family history. As technology and user expectations continue to evolve, new versions of genealogy software often integrate innovative features to enhance the user experience and improve research capabilities. Here are some possible improvements and additions that RootsMagic 9 could bring:

Enhanced User Interface:

RootsMagic might adopt a more modern and intuitive interface, making it easier for users of all ages and tech backgrounds to navigate and access features.

Improved Collaboration Tools:

The new version could emphasize collaboration, allowing multiple family members to work together on the same family tree in real-time and share research findings.

Cloud Integration:

RootsMagic might introduce cloud-based functionality to enable seamless synchronization across devices and provide secure backups of genealogical data.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Hints:

Utilizing AI technology, RootsMagic 9 could offer smart hints, suggesting potential ancestors or missing information based on existing data.

Expanded DNA Analysis:

As DNA testing becomes more prevalent in genealogy research, RootsMagic could integrate more advanced DNA analysis tools to help users discover and connect with relatives.

Multimedia Enhancements:

Expect improved support for multimedia elements, such as photos, videos, and audio recordings, allowing users to preserve and share more comprehensive family stories.

Mobile App Improvements:

If RootsMagic already had a mobile app, version 9 could feature updates and improvements to ensure a seamless experience for users on the go.

Better Source Management:

The new version might introduce refined source citation and management options, helping users maintain accurate and reliable research records.

Integration with Online Databases:

RootsMagic could improve integration with popular genealogy websites. And databases, making it easier to search for historical records and incorporate them into family trees.

Report and Chart Customization:

Anticipate more flexibility in generating personalized reports, charts, and visualizations to present family histories in unique and engaging ways.

Interactive Mapping:

RootsMagic 9 might introduce interactive mapping tools to visualize ancestral migrations and locations more effectively.


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