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Is Family Tree Maker 2024 available?

Family Tree Maker 2024 Release Date

FTM 2024 is a much-anticipated release. Many people are eagerly waiting for it. The developers have promisedFamily Tree Maker 2024 Release Date that it will have many new features that will make it even better than the previous versions. These features are expected to improve the user experience and make the software more efficient and easy to use.

Family Tree Maker 2024 Release Date is not yet confirmed. It was expected to be out in April, but the exact date is still unknown. We need to wait for the official news. This new version will have many exciting features.

Here are some exciting features you can expect:

Turn Back Time 5000: Imagine being able to fix a mistake made up to 1000 changes ago in your family tree. Family Tree Maker 2024 introduces an extended change log that allows you to roll back changes even further—up to 5000 steps back!
TreeVault® Cloud Services: FTM 2024 connects to a growing ecosystem of mobile apps and cloud services. You can view real-time changes to your family tree on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, your tree is securely stored in the cloud, ready to be passed on to future generations.
Connect Workspace: Easily share your family tree with relatives using the new Connect workspace. Relatives can view your tree on the FTM Connect mobile app and even add “Relative Hint” sticky notes to collaborate with you.
AlbumWALK: Transform your family photos into interactive documentaries. Imagine your mom’s wedding album where she speaks her mind about each guest!
Vocabulary Compression: FTM 2024 optimizes vocabulary size, making it efficient and fast for even the largest family trees.
Remember, FTM 2024 isn’t just about features—it’s about connecting generations and preserving family history.


In the end, we can say that the  FTM 2024 release date is still a mystery. But the excitement and anticipation among the users are high. Everyone is waiting for the new features and improvements. The developers have promised that the new version will be worth the wait. So, we can only wait and see what FTM 2024 has to offer.

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