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TreeVault Cloud Services In Family Tree Maker 2019

In Family Tree Maker 2019, you will find the feature of TreeVault cloud services in FTM 2019. with the help of it, you can easily sync your family tree data with the help of Ancestry. com’s online family tree service. Also, this feature helps in making the users keep the tree data up to date, and also, you can easily share it with different family members.

TreeVault cloud services in FTM 2019

Tree Vault Cloud Service in ftm 2019 is a new service that has been launched with the Family Tree Maker Software. MacKiev introduced FTM 2019 in September and the best thing about it is that it has provided this service free for a year. Well, it is not a traditional cloud storage system, Also, it has been compare to DropBox, Google Drive as well as iCloud. Along with that, you can easily download the tree if your device has crash or lost. You will not lose any type of important data or other information while downloading Family Tree from Tree Vault.

Features of TreeVault

Antenna Tree
When you are uploading a tree, then it would create a source tree that is known as an Antenna tree. With every change in FTM, your source tree will get updated instantly. Also, you can easily keep the information safe while downloading a tree from the cloud. So, you need to make sure that, the antenna tree is upgrade.

Tree Restore Service

If you have lost the device where you have installed FTM19 then in such case, you can easily this service for restoring all the trees. You need to just login into the tree vault account and then you can simply restore the tree.
Also note that, if you have multiple trees then in such case, you can easily merge them and then make it a big one and thus, it would be kept as an Antenna tree. But make sure to retain all the information properly.

FTM Connect App

This is a new app service that helps people to view the tree on smart devices. Also, you can easily download the app simply from App Store or Google play store and thus, you can easily login into the TreeVault account.
You cannot edit or add any kind of information while using this app; you can only view it/
Next of Kin
Mackie wants all your hard work not to get lost, so if you are using it then you can easily assign a successor who can just take over after you die. You can easily appoint a successor and thus, download the certificate, and also, you can provide it to the person.

TreeVault Historical Weather
The Historical Weather helps in providing the proper weather report of the time when you enter it in the Family Tree. For instance, if you are putting your date of birth then in such case.

you need to login into the TreeVault and then you need to simply move to the information. There, you will know the complete details about rainy, snowy, or sunny days.

TreeVault Cloud Subscription

When you are purchasing the Family Tree Maker 2019 then you will receive a one-year free subscription to TreeVault. After a year, you need to pay for it then only, you will be able to use it.

Need some help?

If still, you need some details about TreeVault then must reach the experts right away. They are available 24/7 hours to guide you, so reach them instantly for getting the complete guidelines related to it right now! Need Help Call our FTM Support Number +1-888-257-3335 or Live chat with our Experts.

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