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How To Fix Family Tree Maker Sync Problems 2023 – Full Guide

In 2023, users of Family Tree Maker have reported encountering synchronization problems while using the software. Family Tree Maker 2019 is a popular genealogy software that allows individuals to create, organize, and maintain their family trees. However, these sync issues have caused frustration and hindered the smooth functioning of the software for many users.

Family Tree Maker Sync Problems 2023

One of the main concerns users have faced is the failure of Family Tree Maker to sync their data accurately across different devices and platforms. When making updates on one device, such as adding new family members or modifying existing information, these changes may not be reflect on other devices when attempting to sync the data. This lack of synchronization can lead to inconsistencies and confusion within the family tree.

Another issue that has been reported is the slow or unreliable syncing process. Users have experienced delays in syncing their data, which can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when working on collaborative family history projects. Some users have even encounter instances where the sync process gets stuck or fails entirely, resulting in data loss or corruption.

These synchronization problems have a significant impact on the user experience and the reliability of the software. Users rely on Family Tree Maker to accurately preserve and update their family histories, and when these sync problems arise, it undermines the purpose and functionality of the software.

Fix Sync Issue in FTM 2019

To address these issues, it is crucial for the developers of Family Tree Maker to prioritize the improvement of the syncing mechanism. They should invest in thorough testing and quality assurance to identify and resolve any underlying bugs or glitches that may be causing the sync problems. Regular software updates should be provided to users to ensure that they have access to the latest fixes and improvements.

Furthermore, the developers should establish efficient customer support channels to address user concerns promptly. This includes providing clear and comprehensive documentation and tutorials to guide users through the sync process and troubleshoot common issues. Offering responsive and knowledgeable FTM technical support +1-888-257-3335 can significantly alleviate the frustration experienced by users and demonstrate a commitment to resolving the problems.


The sync problems encountered by Family Tree Maker users in 2023 have hindered the smooth functioning of the software and caused frustration among users. It is essential for the developers to prioritize addressing these issues by improving the syncing mechanism, conducting thorough testing, providing regular software updates, and offering responsive customer support. By doing so, Family Tree Maker can regain the trust of its users and provide a reliable platform for preserving and exploring their family histories.

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2 thoughts on “How To Fix Family Tree Maker Sync Problems 2023 – Full Guide”

  1. This does not address the 2017 version. I got a notice that there was an update 20 hr ago for 2019 24.2 that fixed the problem for 2019. I see nothing for 2017. Am I going to have to update to be able to sync? Thanks

  2. Sharon Kay Hopper

    I thought there was supposed to be a sync fix in the works. I am getting desperate here! It’s been 4 long months!

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