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FamilySync In Family Tree Maker

FamilySync is a feature in Family Tree Maker, a genealogy software developed by Software MacKiev. It allows users to synchronize their family tree data across multiple devices and the website, making it easier to access and update their genealogy research.

FamilySync In Family Tree Maker:- 

How FamilySync Works

To use FamilySync, users must first create an account on and link their Family Tree Maker software to that account. Once the connection is established, changes made to the family tree on one device will be automatically synced to other devices and the online account.

One of the key benefits of FamilySync is the ability to collaborate with other family members on a single family tree. Multiple users can work on the same tree simultaneously, and changes made by one user will be visible to others in real-time. This makes it easier to collaborate on research and ensures that all family members have access to the most up-to-date information.

Benefits of FamilySync

Another benefit of FamilySync is the ability to access the family tree from any device with an internet connection. Users can view and edit their family tree from their computer, tablet, or smartphone, making it easier to stay organized and make updates while on-the-go.

The synchronization feature in Family Tree Maker is a powerful tool for genealogy research. FamilySync makes it easy to keep track of changes made to your family tree across all your devices, and it eliminates the need to manually update your tree on each device. With FamilySync, you can spend less time managing your family tree and more time researching and exploring your family history.

Limitations of Family Sync

While Family Sync can be a useful tool for genealogy research, there are some limitations to the feature. One of the primary limitations is that it requires an active internet connection to sync data between devices. If a user is working offline, any changes they make to the family tree will not be synced until an internet connection is established.

Another limitation of Family Sync is that it requires a subscription to to access some of the features, such as the ability to view and add records from the database. However, users can still sync their family tree data without a subscription.

Some users have also reported issues with FamilySync not working correctly or syncing data incorrectly. If you are experiencing issues with FamilySync, you may need to troubleshoot the problem or contact the software developer for assistance.

Tips for Using Family Sync

To get the most out of Family Sync, it is important to follow some best practices and tips for using the feature effectively. Here are some tips for using Family Sync:

  1. Keep your family tree organized: Family Sync works best when your family tree is well-organized and easy to navigate. Make sure to keep your family tree up-to-date and organized, with accurate information and properly linked individuals.
  2. Sync your data regularly: To ensure that your family tree data is up-to-date across all your devices, it is important to sync your data regularly. Try to sync your data at least once a week or whenever you make significant changes to your family tree.
  3. Check your sync status: Family Tree Maker includes a sync status feature that allows you to check the status of your sync and troubleshoot any issues. Make sure to check your sync status regularly and address any issues as soon as they arise.
  4. Backup your data: While FamilySync can help you keep your family tree data up-to-date across all your devices, it is still important to regularly backup your data to ensure that it is safe and secure. Make sure to backup your data regularly to avoid losing any important information.


FamilySync is a useful feature in Family Tree Maker 2019 that can help users keep their family tree data up-to-date across multiple devices and the website.

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