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About Family Tree Maker 2024 In Detail

Family Tree Maker 2024

If you are using Family Tree Maker 2019 but want to upgrade it then here is great news for you. MacKiev has recently announced that Family Tree Maker 2024 is going to come soon. So, you can easily upgrade it to FTM 2024. Also, you can check out many details related to the new upgrade. So, go ahead and see how the new Family Tree Maker is going to help you in building the tree.

Introduction of FTM 2024

Family Tree Maker– which has been released 35 years ago with a lot of amazing versions. Currently, Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version that consists of amazing features. After its release, it took a lot of time and finally, its new version, FTM 2024 is going to be released soon. Also, you can purchase it for $29 which is a discounted price and applicable for three days only.

New in Family Tree Maker 2024

Family Tree Maker 2024 is going to launch with a lot of new features such as;

  • Connect Workspace: FTM’s connect workspace feature helps users to easily share their family tree with relatives via the FTM Connect mobile app for Apple or Android devices. Users can add a relative hint, which will be stuck to the tree and quickly show up in the FTM tree with the help of TreeVault. This feature also helps in keeping track of the progress automatically.
  • AlbumWalk: This mobile app is a game changer for capturing memories in photos. It’s free for both iOS and Android, allowing you to create interactive talking photos and mini-documentaries. View the files in the AlbumWalk player.
  • FTM Connect 2.0: Guest access helps you view your family tree on your phone or tablet, with access to information including relationships, research notes, and web links. You can even access famous Family Tree Maker collections like Alexander Hamilton and Luke Skywalker.

    How to Pre-Order FTM 2024?

  • Easy on the eyes: This feature enlarges your workspace to help those with tired eyes. It’s easy to switch back to the normal size when you’re done.
  • New photo darkroom tools: The feature can be used to repair old family photos by cropping and removing dust and scratches.
  • Resource Center: Connect with a professional to take your research to the next level. Find the nearest Family Tree Maker user group for resources.
  • Co-Pilot 2024: We’re partnering with FTM 2017 to offer a new initiative for new users. You can also create your first Album Walk page with this feature – it’s free, fast, and optional for setup.

    For Further Help:

    If you have any queries related to Family Tree Maker 2024. Then without giving it any other thought, reach the experts right now. They will guide you with the instant solutions. FTM Support +1-888-257-3335 or you can Live Chat.

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