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How to pre-order FTM 2024 in simple steps?

If you want to pre-order FTM 2024 then you are at the right place. Here, you will find the complete details on how to pre-order FTM 2024. So, move ahead, and in case of any issues related to FTM reach the tech support right now for help.

What Is Family Tree Maker 2024?

Family Tree Maker was released 35 years ago and it has many interesting versions. Recently, the latest version FTM 2024 is going to be released soon according to MacKiev. As we all know the latest version is FTM 2019 which has many amazing features. But after a long time, finally, MacKiev is going to release a new version and the best thing is that you can buy it for $29 which is a discounted price*.

pre-order FTM 2024

FTM 2024 Features

Many features are going to be included in FTM 2024 such as;

  • Connect Workspace: You can instantly connect with relatives with the help of this connect workspace. This will help in sharing the family tree with your respective relatives. You can also move ahead to the FTM Connect mobile app for your devices.
  • AlbumWalk: AlbumWalk is a revolutionary app that allows users to capture their most cherished memories in photos.. Also, it is the best mobile app for both devices which helps in recording memories. You can easily create interactive talking photos and just tap the photo and thus, you can create the mini-documentary.
  • FTM Connect 2.0: Via FTM Connect 2.0, you can easily connect with all the possible relatives. You can instantly use Guest access and thus, will be able to view the tree on your device. Along with that, you can find the information well.
  • Easy on the eyes: This feature benefits those who tire easily or want to spend more time on it. It helps in enlarging the areas of the workspace of the people while you are working on it well.
  • New photo darkroom tools: You can use new photo darkroom tools for damaging the tools which will help in rescuing the old family photos. You can do cropping and thus, you can remove the dust and scratches.
  • Resource Center: You can instantly connect with the professional to take the research to the next level. You can also find the nearest family tree maker user group quickly.
  • Co-Pilot 2024: You can use this feature for setting up which makes sure that every user who is new can get a good start. You can also create the first Album walk page with the help of this feature.

How to Quickly Pre-Order FTM 2024?

If you are a customer of FTM and want to upgrade it then in such case, you will find a link directly in your respective email. After doing so, you will find three options, just select the download option. You must follow the on-screen instructions to download it. However, note that you can only order it directly through the link sent to you after the release of FTM 2024.

Need Support?

If you are facing some issues while pre-ordering FTM 2024 then without giving it any other thought, reach the tech support right now at FTM Support Number +1-888-257-3335. You have to tell the team about the queries that you are going through and then only you will find the best guidelines related to Family Tree Maker 2024.


How much does Family Tree Maker cost?

The Family Tree Maker costs around $79.95 to download in the U.S.

How do I make a free family tree maker online?

You need to simply choose a family tree design and then add or replace, customize and finally you can create the tree maker online.

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