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What is the Legacy 9.0 Deluxe edition tree?

Legacy 9.0 Deluxe EditionIf you want to know about the Legacy 9.0 deluxe edition tree then, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find everything about the Legacy Family Tree 9.0 deluxe. So, move ahead, and in case of any queries related to the deluxe edition tree, reach out the tech support for quick help.

About Legacy 9.0 Deluxe Edition

You should know that Legacy 9.0 deluxe edition is one of the important parts of Legacy family tree software. It includes millions of records such as names, alternate names, and dates as well as many others. Also, you should know that the deluxe has some extra features that are not accessible in the standard. Along with that, the deluxe version is a one-off purchase without having monthly subscription fees. You can easily order your copy of the Legacy Tree 9.0 deluxe edition just for $34.95 which includes the PDF user’s guide.

Amazing features of Legacy 9.0 Family Tree

There are many amazing features of Legacy 9.0 deluxe edition and some of them are described below;

  • Hinting: You know that Legacy 9 has a lot of amazing records from key websites such as FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank as well as MyHeritage. With the help of this, you can find a lot of new information, pictures as well as stories of your respective ancestors. So, if you want to add your tree then Legacy 9 will begin the search well. Also, note that for a limited time, the hinting can be easily available in the free standard edition.
  • Reports and charts: You can easily see the trends in the medical history of your ancestors with the help of death charts. You can quickly expand the genetic genealogy tools via new X-DNA color schemes. You can easily get everyone involved at the family gathering with the help of Family Tree BINGO- play with the cards of the ancestors, descendants as well a mixture. You can also look at your tree with a single look in the Family dictionary.
  • com searching: With a single click, you can get access to the Find a Grave memorial of your respective ancestor. You can instantly create a list of the people in the tree with or without having to Find a Grave ID.
  • Stories: You can also preserve the stories of your respective ancestors or stories of your own and thus, new tools can help in recording and organizing. Along with that, you can print multiple stories for any of your respective ancestors.

History of Legacy Family Tree

  • Hashtags: You can create unlimited hashtags for describing the ancestors. After doing so, you need to look for or print a report of everyone who has to share the respective hashtag. The best thing is that you cannot be longer limited to 9 tags. You can also call them anything that want for instance #civilwar, #DNAtested, #Farmer, or any other.
  • Compare 2 people: You can easily look for the same named individuals. Thus, if you are facing some issues while differentiating between two John Smiths in the same place. Then in such case, the new chronology comparison will help in putting them side by side, color codes. Along with that, you can also determine if they can be the same person or not.
  • Color-coding: The color-coding system of Legacy has been now expanded. So, you can easily enjoy the ancestor color coding in both the index view as well as name list. So, you can easily make it simple and check out which part of the tree you are looking for.
  • Media sorting: It has been no auto-sorted by date.
  • View all 9 tags: You can easily view all the 9 tags in the respective name list.

Along with that, many great Deluxe features are being continued from the earlier versions such as a Potential problems list, wall charts, source writer, interview reports, and many others.

System requirements for Legacy 9.0

The system requirements are;

  • Pentium class computer
  • VGA or higher display
  • Supported on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.
  • To ensure proper functionality, the system requires a hard disk with a minimum capacity of 500 megabytes.
  • 8 GB Of RAM
  • A mouse
  • Internet connection
Where can I Buy Legacy?

If you have already installed Legacy 9.0 then in such case, you don’t have to repurchase it. You have to just update it to the latest version and you can easily find the free update. To download it, tap on the link for upgrading it.

Along with that, you should know that if you haven’t downloaded Legacy till now then whenever you do, it will always be the new update only.

For any Further Help

If you have some queries related to Legacy 9.0 Family Tree then without giving it any other thought, contact tech support for quick help. You need to simply tell the experts about Legacy 9.0 so that the professional can guide you with the best guidelines. Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-257-3335 or you can Live Chat with FTM Experts.

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