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FTM 2024 Coming SoonIf you are searching the internet to know more about the latest version of Family Tree Maker then you will surely be surprised as you have found just what you need right here. You already must know that ‘FTM 2024 Coming Soon’! We totally understand how long you must be waiting to hear on this topic. So we have created this blog for you to get started without any difficulty.

Family Ttree Maker 2024 Coming Soon

Do you that the most awaited new edition is arriving soon?

Yes, you heard that right; it has been 35 years already since Family Tree Maker was first published and along with each new edition has surely taken this grand old brand to places that its creators may have only dreamt of. This is a platform where relatives get to view your tree on their smartphones. Moreover, the interface just keeps growing in the right places to take it easy on the eyes. Here the Mom’s wedding album only becomes a more attractive documentary in which she just literally can speak her mind out about each of her guests. This is simply where a built-in family history resource centre has exactly what you require. There is all of this so much more in the new edition of FTM. And we are sure that you would indeed like it here.

There is so much to explore in FTM 2024 Coming Soon!

To avoid any confusion here, you should know that the items mentioned below are just a few of the more notable new features that are added to FTM 2024, this is because there are many more, large and small. Such as the hyphenated dual surname support (of what we know is not so small if yours is a surname that is hyphenated). Then there’s the extensive work which is ‘under the hood’’. This is the work which helps to make this by far the fastest and most stable Family Tree Maker that was ever built. Besides this is also one that can handle the ‘BIG Trees’ really, big we mean it. Simply hundreds of thousands of people big! So even if your tree is not that gigantic you’re still going to feel the difference.


FTM’s latest edition has the most useful set of features ever.

Have a look at some of the best newly added features:

Turn Back Time 5000
Family Tree Maker 2019 introduced the ‘Turn Back Time’ feature which allows users to roll back changes with a simple click. This feature records every change in the change log, including complex operations such as merging and syncing with Ancestry. Users asked for more change log steps, and Family Tree Maker 2024 now offers a slider that goes from 1000 to 5000.

TreeVault Cloud Services

With TreeVault, FTM is no longer just a desktop application. It is now the hub of a growing ecosystem of mobile apps and cloud services. You can view changes in your Family Tree Maker tree in real-time on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can access weather information from the day your grandfather was born and keep an up-to-the-minute copy of your tree securely in the cloud for future generations. Want to learn more?

Connect Workspace
The new ‘Connect Workspace’ feature makes it easy to share your family tree with relatives and enlist their help. They can view your tree on the Family Tree Maker Connect app and add ‘Relative Hint’ sticky notes. TreeVault will instantly show their notes in your Family Tree Maker tree. The ‘Connect Workspace’ keeps track of their progress automatically.

Family Tree Maker Connect 2.0
The FTM Connect app lets you send invitations to relatives to view your family tree on their phone or tablet. The latest version (2024) includes new features such as ‘Guest Access’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Person and Research Notes’, ‘Web Links’, and direct access to FTM’s famous tree collections.

The FamilySearch Integration 2.0
Did you know that you can download an entire branch from a FamilySearch tree directly into FTM? This gives you access to hints linked to over 6 billion online FamilySearch historical records, all for free!

About Family Tree Maker 2024 In Detail

AlbumWALK is a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices that captures memories in photos. It allows you to record memories and embed them into a photo using tap-talk technology. You can tap on a face to create interactive talking photos, and AlbumWALK creates a mini-documentary with scored background music. It relies on TreeVault to move album files to your tree and for backup. The talking picture files can only be viewed in a built-in AlbumWALK player in Family Tree Maker 2024.

Easy On the Eyes!
We now have a feature called ‘Easy on the Eyes’ that enlarges areas of the ‘People Workspace’ while you’re working in them and then puts them back into normal size. Check out the video to see how it works.

The New Photo Darkroom Tools
In Family Tree Maker 2017, we introduced ‘Photo Darkroom’ tools for repairing damaged and faded photos. In FTM 2024, we have expanded these tools with cropping and new repair options to remove dust and scratches. Original photos are saved without any modifications.

The Resource Center
We now have a resource center inside FTM with all kinds of research resources available. You can connect with professionals, find user groups, and sign up for webinars and discounts. Don’t forget to check out our tour calendar too!

Co-Pilot 2024
The Co-Pilot program began with FTM 2017 to help new users of FTM. Now, it includes mobile apps and a diagnostic test after 2 days of launching FTM 2024. You’ll get help with TreeVault setup and creating Connect Workspace and AlbumWALK pages, which is free and optional.

Get Help

We’ve provided all the details we can on the latest update for FTM 2024. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact Family Tree Maker’s 24/7 support via phone +1-888-257-3335 or you can Live Chat.

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