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New features in FTM 2019? Know about them in detail

family tree makeIf you are using Family Tree Maker then you must know that it has been thirty years since it was born. And now it has finally come with a new edition and some amazing features. Now, you can easily change your tree on a Mac or PC and also, and you can quickly view it from any device. Along with that, you can also erase mistakes after building your tree. For that, you need to have a Family Tree Maker license so that you can enjoy all the features of it.

Added to the new features of Family Tree Maker 2019

TreeVault cloud service

It is no longer known as an isolated desktop application. But yes,it is known as the hub of a growing ecosystem of mobile apps as well as cloud services. You have the ability to monitor the real-time changes in your family tree directly on your device. Additionally, you can discover the weather conditions during your grandfather’s birth, providing historical context. Having a securely stored backup of your family tree data in the cloud can provide a sense of peace and promote better sleep. Moreover, it enables the passing down of this information to the next generation, potentially allowing for the addition of new and enhanced services over time.

Family Tree Maker connect

It is basically a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well as tablets. It helps in displaying the latest FTM tree anywhere as well as anytime. The best thing is that you can view it even when your device is off. It is very handy for you to sure the tree with your relatives. You can use your iPad as a second monitor and thus, you can update the tree well.

Historical weather

This helps in setting the scene for events in your respective family store. It would be more than a billion historical weather records. Raw historical weather data can be effortlessly transformed into user-friendly sentences, enhancing Smart stories and books with insightful weather descriptions. With this feature, dates will never be mundane again.

Next for Kin service

It helps in designating a successor to your TreeVault account for passing along with your Family Tree. Enclosed within the will, you’ll discover a certificate containing essential instructions and access passcodes. This document facilitates the assumption of control over the account through a Family Tree Maker license.

Emergency Tree Restore service

You will be happy to know that TreeVault helps in keeping a cloud copy of the tree. It would be updated every 15 seconds even if the hard drive crashes in any case.

Rich color coding

These would be the most frequent requests from the genealogists via FTM 2017’s color coding. It is not just coding the ancestors of the home person. But you can also do it for the ancestors and descendants. With the help of Family Tree Maker 2019, you can use rich color coding in just a single tap.

Turn Back time

This would be the best feature because it helps in keeping track of all the changes that you have made. For instance, if you have made any mistakes in three days then the last backup would be three weeks old. With just a single tap, you can swiftly revert to just before the error occurred. By utilizing the comprehensive changes, all you need to do is log in to restore the necessary steps, effectively resolving the issue.

Hints in the index

After finding everything on the tree views, all the green Ancestry leaves as well as FamilySearch hints will appear in the people index. You can easily look for hints for a particular family name or any other saved list.

Profile picture perfection

You can use it for cleaning up the look of the tree via the new profile picture cropping tool. With the help of smart technology, one can quickly detect the face of the person. Along with that, you can also zoom it in the right amount. After doing so, you can crop the perfect square that would fit properly on each leaf of your respective tree. Additionally, the original photo would remain untouched.

More FamilySearch integration

Lots of the news would be starting with the ability so that one can easily upload an entire branch from the tree into FTM 2019.

Need some help?

For comprehensive insights into the new features of Family Tree Maker, your best bet is to promptly contact tech support for swift assistance. They’ll provide detailed guidance on the enhancements and explain the advantages of upgrading to the latest edition of FTM. You can reach Family Tree Maker’s 24/7 support team either via phone at +1-888-257-3335 or through Live Chat.


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