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Using the Family Tree Maker Connect App

Are you looking forward to learning about the Family Tree Maker Connect App? If so then you should know that you have found just the blog you need, as here you will come across every detail that you may to get started with Family Tree Maker Connect. All you must do now is read through till you reach the end and you shall find just exactly what you need.

What is Family Tree Maker Connect App about?

IMPORTANT: You must know that the Android and iOS versions of Family Tree Maker Connect are available now. If you like you could check out ‘Viewing your tree in FTM Connect’ for more info. Or you could even click here to go straight to the app or the Android version on Google Play and for the iOS app store you can click here.

Well, FTM Connect mobile app is from Software MacKiev and it is popularly known to provide users a real-time view of their TreeVault Antenna tree. So as the Antenna tree is update automatically whenever you make any changes in your ‘Source tree in FTM 2019’ Family Tree Maker Connect is ideal for sharing the latest version of your tree with your love ones and relatives or even if you use your iPad as a continuous tree view monitor that is place right next to your computer.

How to Purchase Family Tree Maker Program?

The FTM Connect mobile app is specifically design to work in conjunction with Family Tree Maker 2019 as well as TreeVault cloud services therefore both are very much needed to be able to use Family Tree Maker Connect App. However, if you have not purchased FTM 2019 yet and you are absolutely new o TM then you can choose to buy a copy from the online store at

Nevertheless, if you already own a previous edition of FTM then there will definitely be an upgrade discount available for the users returning. If you would like to check for any current offers, you would need to sign up for the newsletter at and then you will then receive an email shortly after you have signed up along with more details.

The process to work with TreeVault Cloud Services:

You should know that TreeVault Could Services are a set of amazing tools that are specially designe to help make your family history even richer and worry-free. Hence if you would like to know more about the different TreeVault services then you can click here. And you will then get an overview with links that will give you more details information about each tool.

TreeVault Could – different services and how to use each one:     

  • Creating a TreeVault Account – to be able to use TreeVault cloud services you would need to first sign up for a TreeVault account. It is very simple and easy, you just need to click here for the instructions and follow accordingly.
  • Creating a TreeVault Antenna Tree – when you have finished installing FTM 2019 and you also created a TreeVault account then you would need to create a TreeVault Antenna tree. This is a very important step as the Antenna tree not only helps you use the Family Tree Maker Connect app but also serves as an emergency recovery option by using the TreeVault Emergency Tree Restore Service. If you would like some instructions on how to create your Antenna tree then you can click here.
How you can View your Tree in Family Tree Maker Connect?

Now if you have already completed the above important steps as instructed and you have also created your TreeVault Antenna tree through FTM 2019 then you are all set to get started with the FTM Connect app.

  1. You should have your mobile device already connected to the Internet, and then you got to install the free Family Tree Maker Connect app and now open it. You can choose to click hereif you need to find the Family Tree Maker Connect for Android on Google Play, or you could click here for the iOS App Store.
  2. After that, you must enter the email address and password that you use to sign in to your TreeVault account and then just tap on the ‘Login’ button.

That’s all! Just wait for a few second and you will have your family tree appearing on your screen in family view, along with the portals of individual and color coding that you add in FTM 2019 will be display also.

So well you should by now have the tree opened on your device and you should still be able to view it even when you go offline. However, you would need to connect to the Internet in order to get an updated view of your tree along with the changes that you just made in FTM 2019.

TreeVault User Guide – In the ‘Help’ menu in FTM 2019 you will find a full-color TreeVault User Guide along with a section that is dedicate to Family Tree Maker Connect.

  1. Can I Use Family Tree Maker on My iPad?
  2. Yes, you can use Family Tree Maker on your iPad as it is compatible.
  3. How to Download Family Tree Maker Connect app?
  4. You should know that both Android and iOS versions of FTM Connect are available. To be able to download FTM Connect you can just click here and you will be taken straight to the app for the Android version on Google Play or you could otherwise click here if you want to the iOS App Store.
  5. How to get a copy of FTM 2019?
  6. After you have purchased FTM 2019 or you have gone through the FTM upgrade Center to confirm your pre-order then you will receive download links right on your screen as well as in your email. You got to find the link that matches your operating system such as Windows or Mac and then just click on the link to download the installer file received.
  7. How to view a person’s info on his FTM 2019?
  8. The ‘Index’ lists all the individuals for you in your tree and this is one of the easiest ways to locate the person that you would like to focus on. All you need to do is click on the ‘filter’ option or just choose ‘New Filter’ from the “Smart Filters’ drop-down list. And you should now have the ‘Filter Individuals’ dialog open on your screen.
  9. How can I reconnect media to a person?
  10. You should have it in sync with Ancestry and this way you can easily recreate it from there. In case you are using a new PC then you must also make sure that the file location is just the same as the old one. As if the file location is slightly different then the image will not load.
How to reach out for support for FTM Connect?

If you have gone through the above instructions and have covered all the topics then you should be already to manage things by yourself. Nonetheless, if you still need any further guidance with anything related then you can feel free to contact the Family Tree Maker Support team at any time. And the well-skilled technicians will surely assist you with the appropriate solutions. You could even choose to connect via the free live chat option and get help directly from one of the techs.

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