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Are you looking forward to learning about the Family Tree Maker Connect App? If so then you should know that you have found just the blog you need. Here you will come across every detail that you may to get started with Family Tree Maker Connect. All you must do now is read through till you reach the end and you shall find just exactly what you need.

Features Of the Family Tree Maker Connect App

The application offers a simple and user-friendly interface to input and manage your family information. You can add essential details about your family members such as their names, dates of birth, dates of marriage, and more. This structured approach ensures that your family tree remains well-organized and easy to navigate.

Access and update your family tree on the go with Family Tree Maker Connect, available on various platforms including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

The app provides a powerful search and merge function that allows you to identify potential matches in its vast database. This functionality helps you connect with distant relatives who may be researching the same family lines.

Family Tree Maker Connect offers access to a vast collection of historical records, such as census data, birth and death records, and immigration records, which can provide valuable insights and fill in gaps in your family tree.

You can enhance your family tree with photos, documents, and other media, making your family history more personal and bringing your ancestors to life.

How do I use the Quick family tree app?

To start your genealogical journey with the Family Tree Maker Connect App, follow these simple steps:

1. Download and install the app on your iOS or Android device.
2. Sign up for a free account to access basic features and start building your family tree.
3. Start by entering what you know about your family, and add to it as you discover more details.
4.Use the search to find matches and connect with researchers who share your family line. Collaboration can be rewarding in your genealogy journey.

5. Unearth fascinating details about your ancestors by exploring the vast collection of historical records available on the app.

6. Upload photos, documents, and media to enrich your family tree with details about your relatives’ lives.

How to reach out for support for FTM Connect?

If you have gone through the above instructions and have covered all the topics. Then you should be already to manage things by yourself. Nonetheless, if you still need any further guidance with anything related then you can feel free to contact the Family Tree Maker Support team at +1-888-257-3335. And the well-skilled technicians will surely assist you with the appropriate solutions. You could even choose to connect via the free Live Chat option and get help directly from one of the techs.


Q. Can I Use Family Tree Maker on My iPad?

Yes, you can use Family Tree Maker on your iPad as it is compatible.

Q. How to Download Family Tree Maker Connect app?

You should know that both Android and iOS versions of FTM Connect are available. To be able to download FTM Connect you can just click here and you will be taken straight to the app for the Android version on Google Play or you could otherwise click here if you want to the iOS App Store.

Q. How to get a copy of FTM 2019?

After you have purchased FTM 2019 or you have gone through the FTM upgrade Center to confirm your pre-order then you will receive download links right on your screen as well as in your email. You got to find the link that matches your operating system such as Windows or Mac and then just click on the link to download the installer file received.

Q. How to view a person’s info on his FTM 2019?

The ‘Index’ lists all the individuals for you in your tree and this is one of the easiest ways to locate the person that you would like to focus on. All you need to do is click on the ‘filter’ option or just choose ‘New Filter’ from the “Smart Filters’ drop-down list. And you should now have the ‘Filter Individuals’ dialog open on your screen.

Q. How can I reconnect media to a person?

You should have it in sync with Ancestry and this way you can easily recreate it from there. New PC? then you must also make sure that the file location is just the same as the old one. As if the file location is slightly different then the image will not load.

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