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How to Transfer Your Family Tree between Ancestry and FamilySearch

Are you trying to transfer your information between two online trees, such as FamilySearch and Ancestry? Well then you are not the only one and you have found just the blog you need. Here you will learn how to keep your trees somewhat compatible as well.

As Terry has written, “I am a relative newcomer to this. And I have some information stored on however; I want to transfer it to FamilySearch. So, ‘How do I transfer only a few names at a time? Although I can do the whole tree I need help doing part of it only.”

This YouTube video link, addressed how you can transfer little bits of information between the two online tree programs so you must watch to know more details related.

The easier way to transfer Family Tree data b/w Ancestry and FamilySearch

Well, the members of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ who have a Partner Access account with find it easier. Hence starting at 1:57 I begin to discuss how members of The Church of Jesus Christ get to quickly transfer information between the two trees.

The harder way to transfer Family Tree data b/w Ancestry and FamilySearch

Now here for those users who have more robust Ancestry subscriptions and who happen to be members of the aforementioned church or those who are not of that faith, there is just ‘NO Easy Button’.

Hence at the 7:56 mark of this video, I addressed how you can use RootsMagic to transfer information from FamilySearch to Ancestry or vice versa. So it becomes easier ‘after’ you go through the hassle of choosing to transfer from Ancestry to FamilySearch first or just the other way around.

Moreover, if you like more information about setting up RootsMagic to transfer your files then you should check out this link YouTube video link provided which has the programmer himself.

For FTM Support:-

Now that you have finished going through the above details we trust that you are able to transfer Family Tree data between Ancestry and FamilySearch  without any difficulty. Nevertheless, in case you have some other related concerns you are most welcome to get in touch with the diligent team of technicians provided. They will surely be available to guide you with the most suitable solutions right away.

Please contact: +1-888-257-3335 or Live Chat

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