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Family Tree Maker File Converter

With the help of the Family Tree Maker file converter, you can easily and quickly convert Family Tree Maker files into an Excel spreadsheet. To use this tool, you have to first download it from the internet. After doing so, you have to just save it in a location on your device. Next, you need to see if all the external hard drives are working in a good manner or not. Along with that, if you have FTM data on the external hard disc then you need to simply open it from the start menu. Or, you can just move ahead and double-tap on the file name of the respective converter file.

There are two types of family tree maker files: ftm. The FTM files are the data files for Family Tree Maker whereas the FTM files are totally the backup files for FTM.

Family Tree Maker file converter

Family Tree Maker is considered one of the genealogy software that helps in organizing your family tree and helps in creating charts and reports. This program is one of the most reputed programs that is used for building the family tree. Along with that, FTM had an operating system change, and thus, users are facing some issues with their respective files. Thus, the Family Tree Maker 2014-2017 file converter helps in transferring the data from the older Family Tree Maker to the 2014 version.

You have to simply follow the steps mentioned below to transfer the data;

  • First of all, you need to import a family tree that you have created in another program such as Ancestry.
  • Next, you have to upload a GEDCOM file- you need to choose a plan and then go ahead to a new tree. You have to choose to import an existing tree. After doing so, you need to download a tree from the respective Ancestry or FamilySearch mentioned at the start of the project.
  • Follow the steps well and then you need to add the people to the tree. For that, you have to create them manually or simply you need to find them on Ancestry or FamilySearch.

Note: If you are starting again then you need to simply create a person at a single time with the help of the person resource pane mentioned in the editor.

For changing the options for dates;

The Family Tree Maker helps in displaying the day, month, and year together to make dates simple to understand. You have to simply move ahead to the tool mentioned in the main menu. Then go ahead to the options for changing the way dates have been shown. You need to then go to names, dates, and locations, and then based on that, you have to choose a format. Finally, you need to go ahead to the preferences and then, choose dates/names/places,

For adding life events to the mix;

You have to, first of all, choose a person from the tree pane. You need to then go ahead to the customized view. Next, you have to choose to add life and then finally, the individual facts as well as life events will be added to the person in the respective family tree. Finally, you have to share the attributes properly.

For cleaning up the place names;

If the names of the ancestors can be easily capitalized incorrectly then you can simply use the FTM tools option for correcting them. It is quite helpful if you are willing to standardize the location names then do it. For that, you have to go to tools and then choose geocoding options. You can easily accept or reject the proposed standardized place name. Finally, you can simply look for different spellings of the name of the place.

For document censuses

For this, you need to simply write down the name of the ancestor along with the official date of the census day. You can easily do so by simply uploading as well as attaching a photo of the census return or any other record image.

For record addresses

You can record the addresses of the people in three places provided in the Family Tree Maker. This will aid in accurately linking relevant information to corresponding addresses, properties, and residency details, facilitating organized and comprehensible research.

For creating a report

You can easily create a report under the publish window. This report will help you in reviewing as well as sharing the work along with some researchers. You can also back up the data for safety and thus, you can access it whenever you need.

Need some help?

If you want to know more about the Family tree data then without any other thought, you can simply contact the Family Tree Maker professionals right now. You need to simply tell the experts about the issue that is bothering you and thus, you will get 100% satisfactory solutions. you can call us at our FTM help Number at +1-888-257-3335  and Live Chat with our Experts.

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