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RootsMagic 7 Genealogy and Family History Software

RootsMagic 7 is one of the best genealogy software that helps in making the family tree easily such as researching, navigating, sharing as well as organizing the family history. Also, RootsMagic7 can simply run on the MacOS. Also, there are many versions of RootsMagic software. Along with that, the free version of the RootsMagic is simply known as RootsMagic Essentials. Also, the other version is a paid version that is known as RootsMagic 7 and RootsMagic is the latest version of the respective software.

The Premium Features Of RootsMagic 7

The premium features of RootsMagic 7 that are not available in the RootsMagic Essentials are described below;

  • The interactive difficulties list.
  • Issues with the mark problems.
  • Geocoding of places as well as standardization.
  • Map sites or people-related issues.
  • Look for the current notes via spell checker.
  • Easily spot the names of the people mentioned in the highlighted groups via color-coding.
  • Easily able to show the relationship between two people via a relationship calculator.
  • Analyze the places for looking up. For instance, US, UK, Canadian as well as Australian countries for viewing the information as well as interactive maps.
  • Via Data Clean, one can easily clean up the names as well as places in your respective database.

Amazing Research Features;

  • You can simply keep track of the research goals, sources as well as results via the Research manager.
  • You can just research the suggestions from inside RootsMagic via GenSmarts integration.
  • Helps in keeping track of the research that you still need for any person or family via a to-do list.
  • You can easily track the incoming as well as outgoing correspondence via the correspondence log.
  • One can also search the web via search engines via the web search feature.

About The Spectacular Wall Charts;

  • You can easily drag or drop to desire; the background images or colors can be simply added. It would be up to 100 feet and the wide charts will be just printed out. You can simply print charts in the regular size or just print on the respective larger format printer. You can also export charts to graphic formats well.

Some General Features Are Described Below;

  • The media files as well as data files can be easily backed up and then it would be able to restore well.
  • One can easily back up directly to the CD, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.
  • You can also create your respective toolbar.
  • You can just evaluate the file integrity, and rebuild the indexes as well and it helps in compressing the database for removing the deleted records via database tools.

The Editing Features;

You can just create the defined fact types and then you can add the roles. You can also share the events that will help in assigning the people who have been involved in the respective event. You can just record DNA tests and then you can simply add the private events as well as quash them to just print or export.

Its Search Features;

  • You can simply find the text in any respective record in the file via the Find Everywhere feature.
  • One can just find people by married name or nickname.
  • You can just replace or research notes, names, places as well as media items.
  • You can easily look for the people that have been placed on the genetic lines.

About The Navigation Views;

  • You can easily get a descendant view from 2 to 7 generations. It will help in conflicting your data by problem alerts. You can also customize the people list view. After that, you can have a web search for people online.

RootsMagic 7 License Key

It is a linseed version and also, it is just paid. You can easily get accustomed to the RootsMagic essentials. It can simply buy the software and then you can easily find the license or search number. You need to then write down the registered email address mentioned in the box. After doing so, you need to go ahead to the request option immediately.

About RootsMagic 7 Download For Mac

To download the RootsMagic 7, follow the steps as follows;

  • You need to, first of all, find out the RootsMagic installer and then you need to download it.
  • After doing so, you need to download it via Chrome Safari.
  • Next, you need to install it on your device and then you need to add the RootsMagic shortcut icon.
  • Finally, you have to register your software and then you can use it.

But in any case, if you face some trouble then in such case, you need to simply reach the experts of RootsMagic Customer Number instantly.

Some Common Similarities Between RootsMagic Essentials And 7th Versions

Amazing Features;

  • Both versions will work on Windows 7,8,10 as well as 11.
  • The software can easily run on MacOS.
  • The software will have a single file format.
  • It helps in supporting the Unicode integration.
  • You can just back up and then it will restore the file.

Its Navigation

  • Simple navigation.
  • WebHints for searching and matching.
  • Pedigree as well as family view of the respective tree.

Also, It Is User-Friendly Because;

  • Managing files is just easy.
  • Automatically it helps in linking for the family members.
  • Helps in checking for duplicates.
  • Helps in finding out the empty tabs.
  • Quickly edit simply by moving to the name of the person.

You Can Also Organize The Information;

  • Helps in opening multiple instances of information.
  • Helps in showing the relationship.
  • The alternate name will help in finding out the person via another name.
The Editing;

You can simply add unlimited information; 60 predefined facts are just available; which helps in tracking multiple relationships. You can just give the age of the person and also, you can write down the history of the respective place.

Its Search Features;
  • You can easily find and then edit the information of the person on the tree.
  • You can also search via record number, name, dates, places as well as notes.
The Printing Options;

You can easily print your information and also, you can edit printout options on RM 7 as well as essentials.

Charts And Reports

It supports pedigree charts, box chart reports, family group sett, narrative reports, marriage, place, individual, duplicate, repository, and source as well as a birthday list.

The Multimedia That It Supports
  • Helps in imbibing the photos, audio as well as video for the person, place, event as well as source.
  • It helps in including the multimedia in the respective printouts.
Other Sources
  • It helps in adding documentation to the person, fact, or family.
  • Helps in automatic source from the source wizard.
  • You can easily use a source list.
  • Just add a global source for each person.

New Things Added In RootsMagic 7

Web Hints

The RootsMagic helps in searching the genealogy records and also, allows it to connect with FamilySearch. Also, it helps in connecting with MyHeritage to show hints for the respective possible matches. The matches are also found via a light bulb icon that is just next to the name of the person. After giving a click on the bulb icon, it will open the new page with the records well. You can also look for the matches well.

Name Clean/Place Clean

It helps in correcting the personal names in your respective tree. For instance, if you are using the name of the person in your tree, for instance, JOHN SMITH, and want to convert it into Smith, John, or any other then this will help you.

Similarly, the place clean helps in resolving the name of the place on the tree. for instance, the name on the tree is written North Sutton and you want to change it to Saint Paul or anything that you want.

Compare Data

Now, it has become easy for you to simply compare the two trees as well as their records mentioned on the single page of the respective tree. It will help in finding the difference between switching back as well as forth it again. Along with that, you can easily share the data between two of the trees in just a single tap.


You can easily publish the family tree information mentioned on Also, it helps in showing as well as displaying the tree for everyone that you need. Also, the lively family as well as individual views will be available. You can also include the notes, media as well as sources for the respective information. Along with that, you can just secure the portal via password.

Import List

This will help in easily importing the information from other RootsMagic such as sources, places, media, facts, logs, or others.

Quick Groups

You can also find out if the person belongs to that respective group or not. For instance, a group that helps in showing all born in Florida US. Along with that, you can just find out the person from the family of SMITH. Also, the unique feature will help in letting the group and it will help you with the respective research. It will also serve as the best tool for your respective reference.

Drag And Drop

You can instantly drag or drop the photo of the person mentioned on the media screen and then you need to add it. Also, some amazing features are described below;

Problem Alerts

The red triangle with the exclamation point will help indicate the mistake in the record of the person. You can simply locate as well as correct the data error.

Enhanced Timeline Error

It will help in showing the complete timeline of the person. Also, you can edit the information mentioned in your timeline that is directly without moving to the edit screen.

County Check Explorer

It helps in showing the history of the county’s interactive map. Also, it helps in providing access to the respective FamilySearch Wiki page for the respective counties as well as states.

Improved Search Or Select

It is just the same as the advanced search where you can simply look for the person on the tree with the number of spouses, children, parents as well as siblings. You can just look up the people simply by moving to the genetic lines.

Amazing RootsMagic 7 Review

It is one of the best software for genealogy and also, the users will feel good about it. Also, it is that which helps in reaching the same site where you can just look at quotes and then reviews regarding the respective software.

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